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We are a travel agency specialized in tours and tailor-made trips, organized in India and its neighbouring countries

We want to offer you the best possible experience by organizing trips that will make you discover India and its wonders in a authentic and personal way.
For this, we offer circuits rich in discoveries and very different from those offered by the great tour operators.

With the benefit of a great knowledge of many regions in India, all the circuits that we propose to you have been tested and approved by our team.

Our theme trips

Well-being & Ayurveda

Our destinations

South India

Kerala : Sublime to take your breath away !

North India

Captivating by the richness of its landscapes and its traditions, North India will surprise you and will most likely leave a lasting trace in your memory.

East of India

A feast for the eyes!
Although East India is one of the poorest regions in India, it is a treasure trove of enthnic and cultural diversity as well as of extrordinary landscapes, that are truly a feast for the eyes.

West of India

Golden Triangle extended Rajasthan
Forts, temples & palaces, tigers & elephants, royals & riches, colours, and the hospitality of its inhabitants.

Our testimonials

Antoine Janssens
Antoine Janssens
Neuchâtel - Suisse
septembre 2017
« Two words : INCREDIBLE INDIA ! »
A thousand things could be said about this amazing country, yet it is almost indescribable. You just need to live it!

It can all be summed up in two words: INCREDIBLE INDIA.

It is a country like no other. Wherever you look, you'll see a land of compelling contrasts.

India is particularly striking to someone like me, who loves creating visual content. The two weeks I spent there with India & You were fantastic, although there wasn't enough time to discover all the wonders this country has to offer! There are so many incredible sights to see.  
This is a place to visit at least once in a lifetime. I will definitely go back!

A big Thank you to Claire and Sushil for all the work they did both upstream and on site!

Antoine Janssens
Neuchâtel, Suisse

Daniel Golub Rill
Daniel Golub Rill
Berlin - Allemagne
août-septembre 2017
Name of the circuit : Golden triangle & Uttarakhand
« When India & You asked me to talk about my journey to India, I knew that words could never depict the two weeks I spent in India, but I am going to try.... »
India, what could we say about India? Or should I say, what couldn't we say about India?

To tell the truth, this was not my preferred destination, for a part of me had always been afraid to be confronted with the misery that India usually brings to mind. Indeed, this confrontation has left its mark, but the discovery of the richness of India has left an even deeper mark. A richness of colours, savours, architecture, art, nature, spirituality and humanity. Looking at people, I sometimes felt as though I was looking at a human tropical forest. In a tropical forest, one's gaze gets lost in the maze of unusual shapes and colours of vegetals. Well, in India, human diversity is such, in appearance as well as in behaviour, that our gaze loses itself in an ocean of things to see.

These two weeks spent in India were absolutely unique to me, and I discovered a whole new universe. Given a choice, I wouldn't exchange my adventure in India for any other.    

Carine Veluzat
Carine Veluzat
Neuchâtel - Suisse
août 2017
Name of the circuit : Golden triangle & Uttarakhand
« Claire and Sushil took care of me with such sensitivity and consideration that they turned every moment of the trip into a fabulous experience. »
I had the opportunity to travel to Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Kerala with India & You in September 2017. In Switzerland, I was welcomed by Claire, who accompanied me to India where I met Sushil. They both took care of me with such sensitivity and consideration, that they turned every moment of the trip into a fabulous experience.

Used to travelling alone, I enjoyed each and every encounter they planned for me. Their tact added to their desire to satisfy my every wish made this trip magical. Claire and Sushil's local contacts and relations opened doors that extended the realms of possibility and took me through a wide range of emotions. Dancing, laughter, soul-searching and thrills are keywords to describe this fairytale journey.


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